Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ubud, Bali - the Art and Soul of Indonesia

It is going to take me, quite literally, weeks to get through the sheer amount of photos that I took this weekend in Ubud, Bali. Did I go ridiculously silly with the camera? Not so much. Rather, I just found myself captivated by the fun, the freedom and the colour that is Ubud.

I have just flown in from Bali at, after a 4.30am start to photograph the sunrise as it rose over a set of volcanoes, admittedly, I am feeling a little worse for wear. However, I just wanted to get on the blog and say that I am back safe, and for you all to hold on tight just for a bit. I will try and process them as quickly as I can, but I want to take extra care at doing them because it is only then that I can truly do justice to the wonder that is Bali.

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