Monday, October 12, 2009

Coffee - the Cure for Boredom

The body is an amazing piece of machinery. Its only when you give it a grease and oil change that you realise just how badly its been performing beforehand.

It was at about 4pm when my body realised it wasn't getting the caffeine and sugar that its been fed for the past four months. Instead, it was given rye bread, fruit, vegetables and funny herbal tablets (I'd be pretty peeved if I was my body, too). It decided to take its frustrations out on me by giving me a splitting headache and a funny tummy. This is all to be expected, the booklet says, but I still couldn't help but think that having a body stacked full of artificial junk was the better way to go.

fourteen days to go. So help me god. I wake up to the joy of porridge and banana instead of my usual soy blackberry pancake and my strong skim milk cappuccino.

The good thing is that I am staying positive and I know that I am disciplined enough to see this through.

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