Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rusty Old Village of Rengit


The one thing I find really interesting about travelling now with photographers (I've never been around other photographers before) is that we each have our own "style" and our own interests. Some of the travellers loved taking photos of the sunrise and sunset, and of course those lovely nature shots, whereas I found it far more interesting (as always) looking at textures and patterns and repetitive shapes. I dont know why it is - maybe our eyes are adapted to finding certain things. When people are shooting lovely beach shots, you will usually find me clambering around an old beach shed, looking for different textures of wood and tin.... strange, i know.

below: I found an old, deserted petrol station near the fishing village

below: Che, standing by an old rusty shed.... look at the different colours of the wood!


below: the old, unused service station again.

below: Watching paint peel... literally.

below: Closed for business.

Below: only road out of town.


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