Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bizzy. Busy. Beezy.

Gosh, I have been so busy this week. Firstly, I have had to actually work hard (who would have thought - i actually have a real job that needs doing in order to pay for this crazy international travel!). That has consumed a lot of mental energy so its been hard in the afternoons to sit down and commit the time and attention to blogging!

Also, I am moving house - waaayhay! I have a goooorgeous little one bedroom apartment all to my very self, with beautiful modern decor, a swimming pool, a little green patch of grass on top of the building and.... a cleaner each day!

Then M and I are still busily preparing our exotic trip over to Europe, which is now beginning to take shape. London, Prague and Venice. We've decided to drop the idea of squeezing in another city because we want to actually have a break as opposed to a quick dash across the world. M is very excited to be heading back to his stomping ground and is excited to be taking me along with him. I tried to convince him last night to take me up to Edinburgh to see my hometown back in 2007 (pleeeease? can we? pleeeease?) but admittedly it was going to be too much of a push for time. Boo. Prague, Venice and London will just have to do then!

Things are going really well. I am beginning to drop the pounds (finally) care of this detox program that i have been on (I'm on Day 10 of 15) and I have noticed that I am feeling a whole lot more energetic in the mornings, WITHOUT COFFEE. Yes, I have been without coffee for 10 days!!!! Unbelievable, I know.

I also took out the bike on Monday, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I would take her out again this weekend but....

I'm off to Bali, Indonesia!!!!

Yes, its another photography group session, where we are off to Ubud in Bali to photograph a festival of some sort (Indonesian New Years?).... hmmm... not quite sure. Either way, it means more photography for you to see.

Anyway, must dash.


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