Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Packed, Booked. Timetabled. 2 More Sleeps To Go

....two more sleeps, or perhaps three if I count a nap that I feel I need right now to calm the nerves of going away. The nerves are a bit unusual, as I said in my previous blog. I've done so much travel in my life, to London, New York, Paris, Los Angeles, Singapore, Hong Kong, and yet I sit here and tremble at the thought of spending 2 months backpacking around my own country, Australia. It seems just a little odd to me but its something I am trying not to focus too much on, otherwise it will get the better of me and I will find myself in all sorts of trouble. We don't want any last minute pull-outs like we had in June, when I was to backpack around Asia - but I guess I am a completely different person to who I was back then, with different things to deal with.

2 more sleeps to go and I fly out to Ayers Rock, or Uluru. I've made the decision that I am NOT going to climb the rock, contrary to what so many people have advised me. I've decided that I won't have it on my conscience that I am not abiding by warnings (which are apparently everywhere around the area) to not climb it. So its not just a respect thing, its actually a public order thing. If I am told not to do something, then I won't do it. Its the lawyer in me I think.


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