Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Changing Things Up

So K's Australian Solo Overlander Experience, which departs in T-minus 8 days has had to take a little bit of detour or change in direction for a short while. A complusory visit back to Singapore has meant that I need to, once I spend some time in Cairns (see yellow line) in mid January, I need to duck across up to Singapore (via Darwin - how annoying) to tie up some loose ends that remain in Singapore and then cross back down to Cairs (via Darwin - how annoying again) and then continue on with my Overland Experience from 1 February.

So that's 10 days out of my Overland Experience taken up with administrative duties to be done in Singapore.

How do I make the most of this?

Well, I head back down to Darwin from Singapore via Bali, of course!!!!!!

Yes, K's Australian Solo Overlander Experience is now an "Australiasian Experience". I will get to spend at least 5 or 6 days in Bali, which will be exciting because I loved Bali so very much and felt that the last time I went, I did not get to see enough of it. So the Australian Overlander Experience Map still stays in tact, but it requires a quick flick up to Singapore and Indonesia and double crossing back from Darwin to Cairns to resume the trip.

Its costing me a fortune but things need to be taken care of and they cannot be pushed back any longer. I may as well incur the ridiculous cost while I am half way up to Singapore, instead of coming back down to Australia in late February and then doing paying the same ridiculous cost from Sydney - Singapore - Sydney trip.

So its going to be baked beans all around whilst backpacking due to the massive chunk of savings its taking up but as I said, I have administrative duties which I'm bound to undertake and I don't shirk my responsibilities.

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