Friday, December 10, 2010

The Excitement Got The Better of Me

Bah! Grrrr!

I thought I was leaving on Thursday.

But Thursday isnt the 17th December. The 17th December is a Friday. Which means my T-Minus countdowns have been a day out. HA HA HA

Its been a while since I travelled. Thats why I make silly mistakes like this. Thankfully I realised this a week earlier and not on the way to the airport!

For some silly reason, I am actually nervous about this trip which is completely and utterly absurd given that last year, I took over 42 flights and I have, collectively in my life time, travelled to nearly half of the world's continents.

I guess the last 9 months has knocked my confidence to be independent but I know that once I get back on the road, I will remember how much I love the freedom of travelling and it will all just be basic instinct again.

I hope everyone is as excited (just not as nervous) to be coming along for the ride with me via this blog.

1 comment:

  1. Im excited for you Kate, I just wish I was coming to. But you wouldnt want your Mother with you, now would you. Have a terrific time and enjoy every moment. Ma x x x