Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Outrigger Twin Town Resort, Coolangatta

Well, you all know that I have a love of nice hotels, and so of course I took the time to quickly photograph the Outrigger Twin Towns Resort in Coolangatta while I was in Coolangatta for the Charity Bike Ride. Its a 4* (I'm such a snob) so there were a few things that were missing that I love about the 5* hotels I've stayed in over the last 2 years (reminder: can't afford to now! ha ha), but nonetheless, it was a lovely hotel and it was worth photographing.

Decor which was quite lovely. I loved the dark wood, apple red and lime green combination. I didnt take a photo of it but opposite to the bed was a sitting area where there was a nice dark brown lounge suite, dark wooded table and bit flat screen TV (why didnt I take photos of that?).

Again, liked the dark wood/red/green combo.

The annoying part about it all was that I had the view of the back end and not of the beach :(

My only complaint (not that i was going to complain because the Outrigger gave us a massive discount because of the Charity Ride - thanks Outrigger!).

The Outrigger from the Beach (I think its the Outrigger on the left).


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