Sunday, November 28, 2010

Murrurundi - A Tidy Town...and A Cute Cottage

While we were on our way up to Brisbane in the recent 1200kms ride, we were forced to stop off at a tiny little town called Murrurundi because of a severe weather front. The town folk were kind enough to put on some sandwiches (and they would have put on coffee and tea but the power was out due to the massive storm) and they also opened up "Pioneer Cottage", their pride and joy, their oldest building in the town.

By English and European standards, our history anywhere in Australia really isn't that "historic". We are only a relatively newly founded country, dating only back to 1788. This cottage was "born" in 1889.


The front door, reminding everyone of its age!

In 1998, the community rallied together to raise funds to "rebuild" Pioneer Cottage because it was heading towards ruin. So, they agreed to it being pulled down from its original location, transported and then rearranged in the main street of town near the town's Local Information Centre. They were able to rebuild the cottage with almost all of its original parts, except for the odd floorboard or structural beam. They also added a few structural parts to ensure it lasts another couple of hundred years.

Photos of it being transported and rebuilt. What a fantastic community initiative, given Murrurundi only has about 1200 people in its community. It looks like everyone was invoved and when speaking with the locals, you could tell everyone was so proud of their efforts.

The town is as equally proud of its award as Overall Tidy Town Award 2009 Winner of the Keep Australia Beautiful Tidy Town Awards. A well deserved win, I say.

Inside the village, they have kept as many remnants as possible.

Back in the day, lanterns and candles were all they had. Now, of course, they replaced the candle with a light bulb.

Old books from the children's schooling (the town was so remote, children were home schooled, I expect).

The bedroom, with its original lace work and crocheted work. You can imagine how hard it would have been, doing that kind of intricate work by candlelight!

Old Rocking Chair and Doll...

Reminders of the Past.

Another picture of the bedroom....

We featured in the local news:

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