Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Beautiful Surprise

If I could write a book on how men can best impress their girlfriends, I'd take a page out of L's book, who has started to make a habit of doing little things to surprise me when I least expect them (flowers, balloons, little cards, all the cute things us women absolutely love).

We went on a "day date" late last week and we had a wonderful day walking around Leura, a tourist town up in the Blue Moutains. It had been many many years since I'd been to Leura so it really felt as though I was having a wonderful holiday break. It was a perfect day out.

On the way back to the car, I noticed a gorgeous bag sitting on the console of the car. I raced to the car, knowing that it was a little surprise but little did I know that it would be two things that I had spotted in a gorgeous stationary shop that is up in Leura, called 'Elizabeth Rosa Fine Stationary". If you are ever up in Leura, visit this shop - it is simply beautiful. You can also visit them online at and are located also in the city of Sydney for all you Sydneyites that read my blog.

He picked out a beautiful journal with my first letter embossed on it and on each page within.

And then he picked out this gorgeous, stunning, beautiful, (how many other words can I use) French Crystal Paperweight with "K" embossed at the bottom of it.

Ladies, if your man isnt out there treating you to beautiful wonderful surprises, then trade them in for one that cares for you, looks after you, wants to make you happy because they love the look on your face when you open the wrapping.

Thank you, L, if you are reading this. I want the world to know that you are amazing and my world has changed because you have come into it.


  1. What a lovely surprise and what a lovely Guy L<3 is.

  2. First of all, lovely!

    Secondly, I totally agree! D surprised me with chocolate oranges this week, my favorites, just because he knew it would make me smile. Love that your L shows that he cares.

    C xo