Sunday, November 7, 2010

MS Sydney to Gong

Well, event season is definitely under way for me and after the Trishave Womens Festival, next up was the MS Sydney to Wollongong, a 90km (or 56 miles) ride, all in the name of raising funds for Multiple Sclerosis last weekend.

I throughly enjoyed it and was overwhelmingly faster than I imagined I would be, coming past the finish banner at about 4 hours 20 mins (or a little more). Either way, it was a not only a great physical achievement for me but a mental achievement. While riding 9okms isn't SUCH a great feat, some of the hill climbs were tough and I couldn't believe how easy it was for me mentally to push through the pain and the burn of the legs. I am starting to realise that I am much stronger mentally, because I know in the run leg of the triathlon the other week, there were (just like on the hill climbs this weekend) plenty of opportunity for me to stop and take a rest. I chose not to, instead, powering on through using the training that I've been doing over the course of the last couple of months.

Next up for me is this weekend's "Fun Run" which is a 5km run around the University. It will be interesting because I've never done just a "run" as an activity so it sure will be interesting to see whether I can mentally push through some of the evil thoughts about running (its not my favourite leg of the triathlon).

All of this is to get me ready for the Big Event, being the 2010 Huskison Triathlon Festival, which happens on 20th - 21st November.

Oh, and then i've just signed up for another triathlon for the weekend of the 5th December... I couldnt help myself!


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