Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Pakistan Floods

All, I have contributed just a little bit more $$ from the Auction to go towards UNICEF's Pakistan Appeal. Its getting worse for them, and ever dollar is going to count.

Just because UNICEF do not have celebrities singing "We are the World" for this cause, it doesnt mean its not real - in fact, on this occasion, its worse. It just seems, for some strange reason, that earthquakes seem to capture the hearts of more people than dangerous floods and outbreaks of diseases resulting from the water.

Thank you to everyone who gave me money from my art, because without you all, I wouldnt be able to direct even just small amounts to these big big disasters.

14 million affected as monsoon conditions worsen

SYDNEY, 11 August 2010 - Pakistan's deadly floods have now affected over 14 million people - 6 million children - and with the monsoonal rains likely to continue for another month, concerns are esclating for the welfare of the already huge numbers of people in need of humanitarian aid.

The floods are now impacting more than the combined total of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, 2005 Kashmir earthquake and the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

“The floods are the worst in Pakistan's living memory and UNICEF’s immediate priority is to reach all those hit by the flooding especially those in the most remote areas,” said UNICEF Australia spokesperson, Louise Brockbank.

"The evacuation phase is over and the situation is now clearly at relief phase. With the monsoon season lasting at least another month, things will probably get worse, before they start getting better,” Ms Brockbank said.

The largest part of the operation is the provision of water and sanitation systems to head off the outbreak of diseases such as diarrhoea and cholera, especially deadly to children. UNICEF is already providing clean drinking water to over half a million people and will bring in emergency food rations and emergency health kits.

In order to prevent dehydration and a potential outbreak of measles, UNICEF is delivering 4.2 million sachets of oral rehudration salts, and 2.1 million doses of zinc to children in the affected areas.

Emergency supplies also consist of de-worming tablets, micronutrient tablets and powder, midwifery kits, interagency health kits, sterilisation kits, and tarpaulins

“Many of those affected by these floods are children who are especially vulnerable to disease and the present harsh conditions. We are working at full speed to respond to the most urgent needs of the affected populations."

UNICEF is appealing for $47.3 million to fund its relief operation. This reflects concern for the longer-term recovery operation in regions where critical infrastructures has been affected and livestock and crops have been wiped out.

UNICEF is providing clean drinking water to 830,700 people and has distributed 6,390 family hygiene kits.

The flooding has caused widespread destruction of infrastructure with roads submerged and bridges swept away. Power lines are down and many hospitals, schools and sanitation systems have been severely damaged. There is also concern at the damage to crops and livestock in regions where agriculture is the main source of income."

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