Monday, August 23, 2010

Its Become Bigger Than Ben Hur

Well, a month or so, I claimed that I would cycle 120km at the Sydney Regatta Centre to raise funds for, a charity that I was involved in.

Its gotten bigger than Ben Hur, for the simple fact that I do not believe in doing anything by halves.

I've managed to score not the Sydney Regatta Centre, but Martin Place, Sydney's premier business plaza, where foot traffic can be about 100,000 people in one day.

"Martin Place is one of the most iconic public spaces in Australia. Sydney's largest pedestrian precint forms the hub of the central business district surrounded by banks and offices. It was made into a traffic-free area in 1971 and is filled with Sydney's workers at lunchtime, especially at the free amphitheatre near Castlereagh Street."

The team at 1200kmsforkids have agreed to be there on a certain date to assist me in collectively riding 1200kms for the kids in one day on stationary bikes, and we are going to get the public involved in raising money for the charities which we represent - the Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick, and the Royal Children's Hospital, Brisbane.

I am so excited about this. Locking in Martin Place, at such short notice, only came about by a stroke of luck and one cancellation by a rather large bank, at the very last minute. God (or Allah, or Buddha, depending on your creed) was on our side when I made that call to the City of Sydney to ask for the space.

Please continue to read and if you want to donate, please do so on the website, or contact me directly at

***When you truly believe in something, magic happens******



  1. Well done Kate and we dont have to freeze out at the Regatta Centre now. Ma xx xx

  2. Wait until I need to announce the fundraising ideas I need to come up with to qualify for RCH's Base Camp Climb in April 2011... we may see the Regatta Centre yet...