Thursday, August 5, 2010

First Official Donation of Auction Funds


For those who participated in the auctioning off of my art work for charitable purposes, I have donated a small amount of those proceeds to UNICEF's Pakistan Urgent Appeal for Floods in North West Pakistan. The funds raised at the auction were going to be directed to Asia, and I wanted to ensure that my first donation was directed there. There are some charities that I would like the money to go to in Australia as well, but it was important that the first donation went into Asia.

03 August 2010 - UNICEF Australia today launched an urgent appeal to support emergency relief efforts in north-west Pakistan as severe flooding in the region has left more than three million people in need of emergency assistance.

Despite whatever political turmoil a country may be in, their citizens still deserve to remain safe during monsoon season. I may have only donated a little bit of money but every cent counts.



  1. I wish I could give the poor devils 10 million. But every bit helps Kate. Good for you and the people who bought at your auction. Ma xxx

  2. It wasn't much, Mama...but you are right. Its something.