Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How Life Has Changed

So, I've reflected a lot on how life has changed for me over the past six months. Much of the reflection has been quite confronting, much of included dark times, and reflections of not so nice struggles as I passed out of my twenties and into my thirties.

What I've failed to mention is that because of the huge changes I made in my life, my outlook on life is so great, the weight of the world is entirely off my shoulders, I am beginning to enjoy the smell of the fresh ocean air, the sand beneath my feet, the food that I taste, the company that I enjoy.

While I am no poster girl for 100% perfect living still, I now integrate exercise into my life EVERY day, even if its half an hour. I wake up, I put my running shoes on, and I jog, and if I am not jogging, I'll jump on the bike, and if I don't feel up to riding, then I will just take a walk along the beach, picking up interesting type shells which I think I'd like to photograph. I'll then walk on up to my local coffee shop, where I now know them all, have my coffee, prepare work or push out a few emails for some charity stuff I'm doing, and then I'll wander on home. My days now are always filled, despite being so afraid that they'd be so empty without that high powered job.

The other day, I sat in the Southern Highlands, on a green patch of grass with a lime picked from a lime tree. I just sat, smelling the lime with my eyes closed. It had been so long since I had taken the time to sit down and do something so simple like that. It is a well known wellness exercise, and I totally understand why it is. It helps to reconnect your taste, to your smell, to your sight. It reignites the senses. The one thing I noticed when I was heading down into darkness was my loss of taste, smell and touch.... it all felt so meaningless, when really, our senses are our greatest gifts to have.

Life seems to much simpler, and I can say that I am slowly, for the first time in a number of years, beginning to like the simple things in life.



  1. It's great news to hear that your finding pleasure in your life Kate. Funny how the simple things in life, are the best. Wishing you all the best, Michelle

  2. SOOOOOO great to hear from you Michelle. Hope you are doing well.

    K x