Sunday, March 22, 2009

Traveling = Happiness

My view of life dramatically improves when I travel. As I once said, traveling is part of who I am. I am truly happy when i am traveling. It is why my family never discourage me from taking the chances and risks that I take in order to see the world. They know that my love of photographing the world gives me a purpose and a constant challenge that i do not get living the 9 - 5 existence like many others.

Not only does my mood improve when i travel, but i think my photography improves too. This time around, I really felt like i had a great deal of success in photographing Singapore. I have picture after picture, waiting to be uploaded. Even though i spent a lot of time working, and attending my work conference, i used every opportunity to photograph everything and anything that I felt may turn out to be a good photo. In the end, success!

Thank you to you all, who come here day after day and share this hobby with me! x

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