Saturday, March 7, 2009

Announcement - Kate Is Back On The Go!

Treks through Borneo, visiting hilltribes in Chiang Mai, exploring bustling Hanoi, getting lost amongst the ancient temples of Angkor Wat....

Yes, KateOnTheGo is back... and is going to Asia!

Fate has a funny way of directing me back to my two loves - travel and photography. In early 2006, you watched as I said goodbye to my beautiful family to explore the old mother land, the United Kingdom. Now, it is time for the grown up Kate to live twelve months of her life in a more challenging environment - Singapore. And in the same way as I blogged my expedition on, i shall use in the very same way. I am blessed every day with the opportunities that i am given and it would be absolute pleasure for you to join me in this adventure.

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And watch this space!


  1. what a wonderful adventure. i'll definitely be following along!