Sunday, March 15, 2009

Blogging Live. Sydney Airport.

When i was a kid, when Mum and Dad took us to New Zealand, or when we went to the United States (for that National-Lampoon's- Vacation-style family road trip), I used to get more excited about being at the airport than the actual holiday itself. I used to pretend i was a superstar, or someone really rich, leaving to go to some exotic island (no, i generally wasnt pretending i was going to New Zealand - that does not class as an exotic island, i'm afraid).

Then in late 2006, I travelled so much over a 4 week period that I calculated having attended 11 airports. Glasgow, Schipol x 2 (Amsterdam), Heathrow, Singapore, Sydney, Honolulu, Vancouver x 2, Honolulu and Sydney. Airports aren't so glamorous anymore. Once again, I am back with the prospect of 12 months of travel and the downsides to travel are staring at me, right in the face - packing, overpacking, unpacking, passport-checking, queuing, jetlagging, and more. One of my favourite airport games is the "see how early people start queuing for boarding" game. It never leaves me disappointed.

I'm all set ready for the flight. I have my cushy neck pillow thing, a full packet of sleeping tablets, and my 3 bottles of Australian white wine (i know, i am not a drinker, but Singapore charges 3 times the normal cost of alcohol so i am stock piling for when i move over).

I'm off to join the queue.


  1. Oh my goodness its so exciting!

  2. Yay! I'm so excited you're doing your blog again, always such an interesting read and of course I'll be following you on your journey and life through my home country :) We'll have you speaking Singlish in no time!! Clarisa xx

  3. Yep - I love airports too, even today. Used to "visit" them all the time, until tightened security prevented going to the gates unless you were actually going somewhere! Used to dream of going to all sorts of wonderful places. Drat!