Thursday, March 19, 2009

More Photos From Singapore

The new Singapore Casino.

Singapore's ports are the busiest in all of Asia - which assists Singapore having the GDP that is equivalent of a western european country.

Suburbia in the sky....

My work is in the brown building.

An afternoon in Singapore

Singapore's Cityscape

Singapore Flyer - Singapore's answer to the London Eye.

Admittedly, there is pollution in the distance - possibly coming in from other asian countries?

Singapore's strangest apartment block.

The Singapore Parliament - very colonial influences here.

The beautiful (again) colonial architecture of the Fullerton Hotel


  1. such wonderful photos! i look forward to hearing about/seeing more of singapore via your blog. good luck getting settled in.

  2. You do realize how jealous I am, don't you? (^_^)

  3. Its only just beginning, EC! ha ha

  4. I'm loving the photos, Kate!