Thursday, October 21, 2010

Out of Action

Hi Everyone

I've been out of action for quite sometime because I have been on tour with 1200kmsforkids, a charity bike ride which raises funds for the Sydney Childrens Foundation and Royal Childrens Foundation.

I am now up in Brisbane spending a few extra days here. I had initially planned to hang out and relax and take photos but I have instead spent time at the RCH with a little boy called Jake, who has captured my heart. He is a very sick little boy and does not have that much support by way of family, so I am spending a bit of time with him, building a friendship with him so that when I head back to Sydney, we can remain "pen pals".

Jake is teaching me a lot about myself, about why I am in this cold, harsh world and the direction I may wish for my life to take.

Photos of the countryside on my way up to Brisbane shall follows. Other photographs of the charity ride can be found on their website and on their facebook page. I'm leaving this blog to write about my own personal experiences and not about the charity. They've had enough press from me for the last 3 or so months!!!


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