Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dora the Explorer - Australian Style

Off I went, bright and early at 5am, in my little car to meet up with L who was already at the campsite with Zee and S.

I crossed this lovely bridge on the way so I hopped out and took a few snaps (couldnt resist!)

The Tent Mansion had already been set up. A humble abode but its apparently a 10 person tent, which we all agreed was a little optimistic, espectially if one would be Loz, who is 6"3 (or more).

Loz cooking a lamb roast, singlehandedly in a pot on a fire with coal. Very impressive stuff! (he was very proud of himself)

Jamie Oliver...except from South London...(and not with such an annoying accent)....

A dinner fit for a queen... or Dora the Explorer (as I became affectionately known).

More pics to come!


  1. He even has the teatowel poking out of his pocket. Very chef like. Love these photos. Ma xxx

  2. Just love a man who cooks. Joy S