Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Possible Resurrection of KateOnTheBike

Okay, so last night I was thinking that perhaps KateOnTheBike is going to take a rest...for a little while at least.

But then I realised that KateOnTheBike may actually need to get back on the bike for charity.

See www.1200kmsforkids.com/team/, a charity event that I have decided to offer assistance to in October 2010.

I am not riding it. There is no way I can ride 1200kms in my physical condition (ie. 12 months after a spinal injury - not possible).

But what I can do is drop a "0" off it and ride 120km as a separate event. Maybe do the 120km ride somewhere, on my bike, and ask people to sponsor me, even if its $20, $50... whatever. It will be my way of doing 120km for kids, AND be a part of the actual event.

So stay tuned. You may find KateOnTheBike journaling about getting ready for her mini-event when she gets it up and running.


  1. my dear, you are a fickle, fickle woman.

    anyhoo... this blog is supposed to be about a woman on a bike. so get on that bike! ...and blog about it! ;)


  2. And I'll be the 1st to pledge $50 if you do. Good luck, K!