Tuesday, June 22, 2010


When I was in Singapore, I recall reading my Chinese Horoscope for the New Year. It said that "patience would be required when it came to matters relating to my career".

Well, I have done precisely that. In fact, I have tried to practise being patient for a couple of months now, with everything in my life. I've been quite tight lipped about what has been happening of late, because for once in my life, I've chosen not to share with the world what has been going on in my life. This is because I needed some space and time to confront some of the issues I was facing, think through where I wanted my life to head, and well.... I guess I just didnt need people to know. I didn't need anyone's intervention - or opinions. I needed time to make decisions for myself. After all, I am 30 next month.

I think the first thing to clear up is that I am now not going to Asia for a while. I have chosen to remain in my home country, to concentrate on getting my health back. My health hasnt been the same since the horse riding accident.

Secondly, I need stability. A place to call home for awhile. I thought that going away to chase my dream was the right thing, however, when it came time to leave, I realised that it wasnt time to go yet. Everything felt unstable, and while everything felt unstable, I was unable to go into another unstable environment. I'd be no use to the people I wanted to so desperately help.

Thirdly, I remain absolutely committed to charity projects and the money raised from the auction that was held with my artwork will still go to charity. I am currently revisiting where the money goes. That will happen in time.

Lastly, I have a job now. I start tomorrow. I am pleased. It is not a huge wage paying regional counsel role. Its a quiet legal role that will allow me to get a bit of work/life balance back, after pushing myself to the absolute limit last year.

This year is about patience. This year isnt about climbing the corporate ladder, earning big money, or being any kind of 'anything'. This year is about being me. In a few months, I may leave for the trip. The role I have enables me to pull the plug on it at any time. My dreams are not forgotten. I know what I still want.

Thanks for everyone's patience too.


  1. Time to stop and smell the roses my Love.
    Ma x x x

  2. Be true to your own heart Kate and trust what feels right.

    You are Brave :)

    Michelle x