Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Update on Happenings

So much is happening in my life now that I have a fair bit of free time. Perhaps KateOnTheBike may actually be back at its functioning best now that I'll be involved in more extracurricular activities locally rather than jetsetting around the world. I know many of my US and Canada based readers would probably love to have a look at some photographs of my new neighbourhood, which is set on the beaches of Thirroul, in Wollongong, New South Wales. Its an incredibly photogenic place, and perhaps on the weekend, I will get my camera out and take some tourist shots.

The good news is that KateOnTheBike's 120km for kids is beginning to happen. No, I'm not on the bike yet but the planning is starting to fire up. It appears that a number of the cyclists who are riding the www.1200kmsforkids.com event may actually join me at the Sydney International Regatta Centre to do the laps. This puts extra pressure on me to ensure that I am fit enough, because I'd hate to fail when there is an audience (and when there's people's donations at stake). My aim is to raise $500 - $1000. I may commit AU$500 of the money that I raised with my art work, because setting the amount at $1000 is a tall feat.

Anyway, I would love it if my international readers could lend a hand too, and I can provide you with my PayPal details. Just contact me on kateonthebike@gmail.com. Even US$10 will go a small way towards reaching my goal. Its also a side goal, in that it will provide an incentive for me to get back onto the bike. Also, having the Tour De France on at the moment, is providing me with extra incentive to do it. The only challenge ahead of me at the moment are the cold mornings and dark evenings. I'm not sure exactly when I'll get to train.

The date is expected to be early September, on a Sunday.

So watch this space.

Also, my online photography portfolio is coming along nicely, and I am working with a programmer, trying to work out what fonts and layout I want. That will take some time, but it is most likely to be up by mid-August.

And my birthday... *sigh*... I'm turning 30 next week.... I'm not sure how I feel about it at all....

I dont want my 20's to end yet. I dont feel like I've lived the life of a 20-something, but rather, a life of a 30-something over the last 10 years....

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  1. Oh lordy, that's exactly how I felt about turning 30! Sorry darl, but it sucks. The only way I could make it better was to exit my 20s as disgracefully as possible, then make a decision to not live my 30s like I was in my 40s. Actually enjoying and doing more with my 30s so far than I thought (even being a boring married woman :)).

    Big hugs! Wish I was there to help you celebrate! Clarisa xx