Thursday, July 8, 2010

Creative Ideas Are Flowing!!!!

Okay, so my involvement in is increasing as creative ideas flow through.

The hardest part about it all is accepting that I cant actually ride the 1200kms. Perhaps if it were this time last year (pre-horse), I could have been in the shape to do it, but now, no way.

So, I made a pledge to ride 120kms for kids....

And then the creative ideas have started flowing....

If I encourage people to ride, we can perhaps have a mini event, where in TOTAL, we ride 1200kms. If I get ten people to ride with me, that will mean we do 1200kms. If we encourage TWENTY people to join me, then we ride 60kms each. THIRTY and that can lessen the ride each to 40kms. There is indeed an incentive to join AND to ask people to come and join in.

But does it stop there?

No way.

Enter the young ones. There are loads of people out there with kids who can ride bikes. If we can get families to sign up to do 1.2km with their kids, it can become a mini event - called "1200metres for kids".

Stay tuned.

It looks like its all going to happen in early September 2010 to allow the guys to use the event as a training session, and to encourage as many people as we can to join us - and of course talk to the venue about allowing us to do it!

So exciting!


  1. Great. I had better get Adams bike out and give it a dust off. I can ride 1.2kms....I think. Ma xxx

  2. You bet, Mamma Dawg! You'll be there on the day, I know you will!