Friday, May 21, 2010

Another Week.... Another Set of Art Work

The people I'm selling this stuff to seem to love the frangees at the moment, so I'm producing the odd canvas with these on them, commanding about $15 per painting. That covers cost of goods and my time... given that my time is so valuable at the moment (ha ha ha!)

This is one of my favourites, and it took me a really only time (not as long as the pack of cards did, but it took enough time for me to say it did!). Acrylic paints are terrible for this kind of blending (pastels are better) but I managed to still get the affect. I adapted the design from this artwork, so I can't claim it as my own per se.

This one I can claim as my own or at least an adaptation of a Scrabble Board (which of course I didnt invent - sadly, because I would be a millionaire). Anyway, I asked IMOM for permission to put this up, as it is clearly about our breakup and quite personal. Artwork has been great therapy for me in dealing with losing who was, for such a long time, my best friend. So thank you IMOM for allowing me the freedom to express my feelings publicly, when I know that you have always remained such an intensely private man.

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