Friday, March 12, 2010

Tasm-ROO-nia, Australia

In the first of a series of posts on Tasmania, the International Man of Mystery and I went to a Tasmanian Devil Rehabilition Park and came face to face with some.... kangaroos!

Yes, we managed to see some Tassie Devils, but one of the highlights definitely was the feeding of the kangaroos and the wallabies.

For a reasonable fee, we entered the park to support the rehabilitation of the animals who have been found in the wild hurt. If you are ever in Tasmania, please lend your support by stopping by, even if its just for an hour or two.

More on the Tassie Devils later - check these gorgeous Roos out!

Humans? Where?

Roos amongst Roos....

Dont act like you're suprised to see us... you get fed by us daily!

Side profile. The Elle McPhearson of Roo-ville

Ho hum... visits by humans.... again

"I'm just a piece of meat to you, arent i?" [well, actually, yes]

Strike a pose. There's nothing to it. Vogue.

One move closer and the bird gets it...

Hand feeding the Wallaby.... they look like rats that bounce.

Geezz a kiss! Come on!

Ranger K.

Look! Human!

Bubba Roo

Emo Roo

International Roo of Mystery

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  1. Never seen so many Roos in different poses before....interesting.