Monday, March 29, 2010

The Leaf, The Branch, The Root

Almost 2 years to the day, I wrote on about the leaf that blows away in the wind, the branch that snaps when a little pressure is placed on it, and then the roots that stand by you no matter what.

I am blessed every day that I have just a few strong roots that are helping me hold up my tree.

As for the leaves, I've let them float away with the seasons.

As for the branches, I'm sorry they were not strong enough to withstand the pressure. It hasn't shaken my tree, nor affected its lifespan in any way. You'll become just part of the foilage that will get blown away as the winds of change pass through.

I am not angry, I'm numb. Ambivalent. There is not even a hint of disappointment. Pity? Perhaps. But even that's not registering high enough of my list of emotions right now to even bother.

1 comment:

  1. Always remember we love you to the moon and back
    Aunty Joy