Saturday, March 20, 2010

Losing What Is Important to Us

I hear that there is nothing more heartbreaking than watching something you love slip away.

At the Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park, they are fighting a battle which, sadly, is unlikely to be won. Tasmanian Devils are slowly disappearing, due to a cancer which is spreading amongst the species. It is heartbreaking to see. The cancer on each of the little animals' faces is obvious.

The Tasmanian Devil Rehab Centre, along with the CSIRO, are working tirelessly to stop the Devils from becoming extinct. I would encourage everyone to visit the Centre if they are in Tasmania, or if you see a fund where you can contribute money to the cause, please do what you can.

These little Devils are part of Australia's identity.

We have to do something.

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  1. holy crap those things are cute. did ya bring me one? did ya, did ya, did ya?