Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Visit to the Ghan Museum

On the day of actually getting on the Ghan, I thought that it would be a great idea to visit the Old Ghan Museum and Heritage Railway so that I could learn about the history of the journey I was about to take.

So it was off to the Ghan Museum - I skipped the National Road Transport Museum due to time constraints (and the fact that it didnt interest me).

The Museum showing a little bit of Christmas spirit.

Records from the Ghan Preservation Society.

I loved these old Ghan advertisement signs.

I loved the old artifacts kept after many years.

My ticket was purchased online - certainly not the way they used to do it!

The fine china of First Class, used many years ago.

The Australian Coat of Arms

The old Telephone System

Part of the old Telephone System.

The old Cash and Ticket Machine

A collection of all of the old train stations at which the Ghan would stop.

Another old ticketing machine.

An old typwriter used to send telegrams.

An old Singer sewing machine for the crew's uniforms.

An old Ghan ticket.

Rusty old train parts lying around.

The old Ghan, which retired back in the 1980's and replaced with the new carriages.

Inside the retired carriage.

Carriages were not air conditioned back in the 1950's.

Stained glass windows, this one is of the Sturt Desert Pea, a native Australian flower.

There she is. The Old Ghan.

And the one prior to that.

The Ghan was used not only to carry people, but also goods, cars and stock.

Inside the toilet - with a Fosters Advertisement that the fellas wouldnt miss!

Fosters Beer signs everywhere.

Another beautiful piece of stained glass in the dining cabin.

And then it was the end, and time to jump on the real thing!


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