Saturday, January 15, 2011

Kings Canyon, Northern Territory

As part of my link from Uluru to Alice Springs, I took a side tour off to Kings Canyon, another well known area around the lower Northern Territory. The day was hot and we were all given the option of either staying and walking the valley route, or do the "Rim Walk". If you chose the Rim Walk, you needed to sign a Waiver of Liability - basically, if you die of heat exhaustion then its not the Tour Company's fault. I chose to sign the Waiver!

First stop was Kings Creek Station at the entrance of the National Park area. It was the only station for hundreds of miles.

The tough climb up to the top of Kings Canyon - 500 stairs straight up to the top. After the first 250, I realised why they had people sign a Waiver. It was tough going, especially in the heat. Thankfully, we started the climb at around 8am, which limited the exposure for people climbing.

Catching our breath after 500 steps. Phew.

The amazing moonscape-like formations that sit up on the top of the canyon.

Walking around the dome type landscape. Amazing.

Me at the top of Kings Canyon.

It was so much fun, wandering around the amazing landscape. This was once, hundeds of thousands of years ago, a river. All of this canyon would have been submerged by the sea.

Taking the route down into the valley for a look.

The steep staircase down.

The group taking a rest and waiting for everyone to catch up.

Lunch by the river below, in the valley amongst the Canyon Walls.

Back up the top we go, to see the Canyon from another angle.

Much to our suprise, a lake existing up the top. This was due to the excessive rain that Kings Canyon area had had in the past weeks.

Once again, walking through the landscape up the top of Kings Canyon.

The reason why they call it the Rim Walk, you are walking right on the edge.

The sheer cliffs of Kings Canyon.

Everyone up the top, admiring the view.

The sheer cliff walls.

After the walk, it was then the long journey to Alice Springs.

The Red Centre - marking the middle of nowhere.

Ouch! Thats expensive petrol, by Australian standards.

...but its the only petrol for miles...

We finally reached Alice Springs, where I stayed for 5 days over Christmas. I cant say it was an overly joyous Christmas, being stuck in the middle of nowhere, in a town where I knew no one, during a time when families rejoice together, but I made it through and made some friends along the way.


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  1. Reading these captions and seeing the photo,s I felt as tho I was there with you. Great work. Ma xxx