Monday, September 27, 2010

The Simple Life

Over the last 9 months, I have been going through lots of various changes. Of course, my lifestyle has changed, and financially I am not in the position I was in Singapore. But this weekend just gone by showed how I have come such a long way from what I used to be like - that girl who had an infatuation with self-anihilation, with this harder, faster, bigger, stronger attitude. Whatever identity I could find, I would be.

This weekend, I went up into the Blue Mountains and Loz and I took Zee bushwalking in the morning. Just a simple bushwalk. When usually I'd be racing through it as a form of exercise, I took the time to stop off and look at all of the different types of native plants, look out for wildlife and just generally enjoy the fresh air - and I did it without trying. I think that is when you know you are capable of leading a simple life - when you can enjoy the simple things without, at that present time, saying to yourself "look at me, i'm doing things which are having a calming effect on me." You just do it. And afterwards, you think "wow, that was so enjoyable".

I also, for the first time in years (and I really mean it), spent the day watching DVDs on the couch with Loz and Zee and loving every moment of it - not worrying about needing to do something other than just being there on the couch. It was so enjoyable.

I realise I've been missing the simple things like this for years. I am so glad that I now have the ability to enjoy the simple things now. Sure, its been at an expense, but if I turn back the clock 9 - 12 months ago, these things were an impossibility.

Lots and lots of what we call here in Australia "Scribbly Gum Trees", because of the scribbles on it. The mountains are full of scribbly gums.

Just lots of native type plants.

These ones looked like mini-orchards, we decided.

Bottlebrush - one of our native plants in Australia.

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