Monday, September 27, 2010

A Busy Busy Time!

Organising a big charity event (which wasnt meant to be big, but accidently became big) is hard work, right up until the very last piece of the Marquee is taken down.

As you all know, I had this idea that I would contribute 120kms for kids, for the charity that is While I am driving one of the support vehicles, I can't ride the actual 1200kms itself. So I wanted to do a 120kms ride. Then it turned into a ride that the guys wanted to join in on. Then insurance policy said that events other than the main event itself can only be on stationary bikes. So then it because a stationary bike event. And then we managed to lock in one of the best locations in Sydney as a venue....and the rest is charity history. Radio stations came on board, newspapers came on board, marquees, food, balloons, matching jerseys, raffles, drinks and of course stationary bikes donated for the cause, all concurrently being done both in Sydney and in Brisbane.

The result was a fundraising event which raised nearly $9000.00 in just coin donations alone from the public, which is a phenomenal amount. While I don't take the responsibility entirely on my shoulders, because it wasn't possible without the help of so many people, it shows that just one idea can turn into a big one if you really believe in it.

The boys riding hard, while I took a break.

The only photo of me of the day (I was so busy!)

It felt wonderful to be a part of something special!!!!