Friday, September 3, 2010

Legal Letter

Dear SearchPictures.Net and Other Entities Associated,

On or around 20 August 2010, someone acting on your behalf or as your agent entered the website entitled "". Over a period of seven hours, there is evidence that shows that you collected up to 800 images from this website. These images have been found to be on your website and a series of other connected to you.

This is an infringement of the domain name holder's intellectual property rights and you are on notice that the domain name holder is currently seeking further legal advice with regards to these breaches.

We ask that you cease and desist immediately from using, referring or exploiting the domain name holder's intellectual property rights, being copyright in the images that the holder has in the images.

In the event that you do not cease and desist, the domain name holder will not hesitate to commence legal action against you with respect to the above breaches.

Yours Sincerely

Domain Name Holder

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