Monday, December 21, 2009

Posting Frequency To Increase

Have faith, my avid readers, posting frequency is to soon increase once more. Thanks to all who have continued to check this site each day to see whether I have updated it, only to find yourselves bitterly disappointed!

My time in Australia has been difficult. I don't point the blame at any one thing but rather, see it as just a result of the life I have been leading of late. The pace at which I have been moving, the mental energy that i have been expending, and the constant demand I am placing on my body physically (changing time zones, not eating well, not consistently exercising) has all gotten a bit too much.

The result is a very lethargic, moody, teary, emotional exhausted mess.

Its hard because the time I am spending with my loved ones feels as though its so superficial. Those people who I miss so terribly when away are those people who I am struggling to devote time to - quality time, that is. I am there phsyically, but mentally, I am not present. I am tired. So very tired. Overweight, and tired.

The Boy and I are literally crawling to the finish line - being Christmas. Its been a rubbish year for the Boy and he isn't doing such a great job at disguising it either.

We are looking forward to seeing the world together - it will be our first proper trip together that involves spending 24 hours a day, for 2 whole weeks, in each other's company. A little while ago, I would have said it would really test us - that the holiday would make or break us - but to be honest, we have had so many tests thrown our way lately that spending 24 hours a day in each other's company is hardly the greatest challenge we've been faced with!! At least on holidays, we can decide to go for a walk on our own or tune out. You don't get to do that with other challenges, like ill family members or jobs we don't like.

The plan:


we are very excited!!!


  1. i hope the trip recharges your batteries; you've been working and playing so hard this past year. have fun!

  2. and maybe, just maybe a little bit of Tuscany.

    It's just not cricket though.

  3. M you are not very anonymous

  4. Oh I would love to take a trip like that with my sweetheart...