Monday, June 1, 2009

Sentosa Island - Butterfly and Insect Park - the Birds

Along with the butterflies, there are also a number of birds on show....

As part of the Butterfly Park, they also have some big parrots on show. It was a little quiet, so the girl who was looking after the birds decided that she would show me a few games she loved to play with her pet birds.

Here, she would point her finger in the shape of a gun, and then she would go "BANG!". Slowly, the bird would start dropping and it eventually ends up on its back with its legs in the air. I nearly fell apart laughing at the sight of it.

She also likes to play "Peek A Boo" with him.... (see below)

In the photo below, she is scratching his belly - which apparently he loves....

She is currently in the process of teach him how to do the puzzle. These birds allegedly have the IQ of a 3 year old... and unfortunately also has the attention span of a similar age... so this puzzle takes a little longer than she hopes for!

Of course, the bird is far better at collecting the rings and placing them where they are meant to go!...

It was amazing how much love she had for these birds.... so much so that she kisses them!!


  1. What a beautiful blog!!! I will be coming back! As to the blue and gold macaw, they are such sweet animals. I have one and also an African Grey.

  2. Thank you Yoli, that is very kind of you. Those gorgeous Macaws are simply divine - and these ones were particularly tame! It was so enjoyable to watch.

    Hope to see you around again soon :)

  3. Gawjiss! Absolutely gawjiss! What a wonderful place.