Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Hawaiian Party @ Casa del Square

The night before biking up to Malaysia, Bart and I held our 2nd party at Casa del Square, this time being a Hawaiian theme! While its going to take a while to get all attendees to get into the spirit of our themed parties, Bart and I were pleased with the turnout! Not a bad turnout, given that I was in charge of the guest list and I have only been in Singapore for 2 months!

Everyone chilling out by the BBQs.

I was the only one that took the plunge and I was sober!

Actually, I was probably the only one in full Hawaiian themed clothes but hey, I was the host! It was my prerogative!

Lynne and Gary, who I now owe so much to - they were riding with me on the trail the day after when the accident happened.

Wen - before the gin and tonic's kicked in.

I love this photo. Firstly, it has the three diving girls (me, Sharon and Wen) plus.. okay, this is a little arrogant, but it also shows my mean set of triceps and shoulders, which are a result of months and months of training. I will get back to that level of fitness! I will!!!

I managed to sneak a ride down the kiddie slide before security spotted me.

Me showing off my famous (or not so famous) Alcoholic Fruit Punch. It was a huge success!


  1. Wait- what'd I miss? Why the party?

  2. It was an excuse to have a party!

    No reason!

    Just thought we would have one!