Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Night Before.....

People have asked me over the last couple of days... "have you packed yet?"..... "are you ready?"..... "are you sad?"..... "are you excited?.....

The answer is that I am everything and more. There are always so many things running through my head that it is hard to put answers to the individual questions. that once again, The one thing I do know is that I am finding it very hard to contemplate leaving the two girls. I did not like leaving Charlotte when i went to Scotland, and I really missed her when I was gone. I know that I will miss the two of them just the same.... but the difference is, I guess, that I will be back in July so it will only mean three months apart. Perhaps that will mean less tears....?

Today, I spent the day singing songs with Charlotte, playing pretend, dancing, letting her take photos of her toys (she is like her auntie, she loves playing with the camera), and just generally playing. Ella is a little different. She isn't as overly attentive to games like Charlotte (perhaps it is her age) and she likes playing on her own a lot, climbing things and just getting into mischief.

Oh, how I will miss those little girls!

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