Monday, February 27, 2012

Its Been A Long Time, My Friend.....

Well, this is it. My first post in just over eleven months. Thats nearly a whole year of keeping my mouth shut. You know something is seriously going down when I keep my mouth shut. More on that later. On a lighter note, there are reasons why I am now blogging again.

Firstly, lately I have been reading some wonderful blogs for fun. You see, I now have a lot of time on my hands, now that I am not (1) killing myself slowly to death as a career woman; or (2) killing myself slowly to death by travelling the world; or (3) in total, killing myself slowly by being someone that I am not. Anyway, there are so many great blogs out there that I cannot mention them all, but my favourite ones are: - Eden is hard, edgy and f*cking awesome. A redhead too. - Witty and self deprecating. Hilarious. - Heartbreaking but full of hope. - Great info, great chick.

Its strange. Technically, they are "Mummy Bloggers". I am not a mummy. But I love their blogs. I have been doing a fair bit of commenting on these and many other blogs because I've enjoyed conversing on a range of issues that, for a long time before, I never really cared to think about (refer back to (1) - (3) - note: I rarely thought about anything other than myself back then).

Anyway, to comment on these blogs, I need to sign in so lately I have been using my sign in for this blog - its just been easier to do that rather than set up another account. So, people have been referred back to this outdated blog. Its a bit embarassing. Its like going to a car show and arriving on a bicycle.

Secondly, I am slowly becoming inspired again as a result of these blogs. I feel like I am ready to blog again. I have had a huge writer's block for a year now, because my life has changed so dramatically since "KateOnTheBike" was up and fully operational. Back "then", this was the blog that I used to write nearly every day for nearly three years. It was the place where I used to show off to everyone what country I was in, what adventure I was experiencing, it was where I would talk about how wonderful my life was. Dont get me wrong, I am still very proud of this blog. I'm proud of the photos and the stories, the adventures that took me to places I never dreamed of seeing. However, I also look back at the adventures and realise that they were part of a very chaotic lifestyle, a lifestyle that nearly buried me at an early age.

I don't lead such an exciting life now like I lived before. But if you are new to this blog, please, go back and enjoy the amazing adventures I experienced but as you do, know that while it was a very exciting way to live, I was leading a pretty unstable and lonely life where depression was only one step away from where ever I went. Oh how looks can looked as though I had it all, when really, I was not very happy underneath the surface.

I don't know what this blog will be about now. It may, or may not, continue. I don't know. I just had the urge to write something today - to those people who are coming to see my blog, only to find it outdated.

If you do come and visit, leave me a comment, say hi. Who knows, if I receive enough encouragement, I might make blogging a regular thing again.

K x


  1. Thanks for popping by to my blog - wil be bac t see if you are posting again.

    Have a great week - love, hugs and positive energy.

  2. Being someone your not is such an easy thing to drift into.
    You've picked 4 of my favourite blogs to explore!

    1. Yes, I did fall into that trap, Eccentricess. It took a painful 2 years to reach the point that I am at now.

  3. Welcome back to blogging (hopefully). It's great that you can recognize what was and know inside yourself that you want to chage and go for it! Not an easy thing to do for some. Hope you enjoy blogging again, I'm gonna take a look at some of your older blogs now. Cheers!!

  4. Unfortunately it wasnt an easy thing for me to do either. It was quite a painful journey, but have come out the other end feeling much wiser. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Oh Kate. Do you understand how much I admire you, have always admired you? Your courage to face your internal, and external, demons has always taken my breath away. I'm not being flattering, I'm being honest. That level of courage is rare. Sure, those of us who love you could have pointed out your former self-absorption, or could have questioned your drive to save the world when you clearly hadn't yet saved yourself, or could have hinted at your many attempts to gain the favor of others while never giving enough credence to gaining your own favor first. But would you have listened? My heart breaks that the past 2+ years have been so very painful for you. But it also rejoices. Welcome to the club of risen Phoenixes, my friend. I have missed you...

  6. hey kate, i was thinking of you and just popped on to see what you've been up to recently -- i haven't been writing for 6ish months so i totally understand the desire to take a break, but i do hope you'll continue to blog at some point in the future. your bright spirit and gorgeous photographs always make me smile! ~mel

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